About Our Store

Sell Techs Recycle

We at SellTechs buy used iPhone, iPad, MacBook’s and other Apple Products online, as well as game consoles and other electronic devices. The whole process is pretty simple, you signup, answer few simple questions which help us estimate the value of the item you want to sell online for top prices, then you ship it to our premises...

Well, here is how it works: You choose the type and the model of the device you want to sell to SellTechs. You indicate its technical characteristics and general condition. Upon agreement with the evaluation, we will send you free prepaid shipping label via email or in post. This shipping label will allow you to send us the product you are selling online. For your convenience, the shipping label will also be attached to the Freepost label email.

After receiving your device, we verify its characteristics and condition. In the case that the characteristics and the condition of the product to be sold correspond to your evaluation, we pay you the corresponding sum in the way you have chosen (Bank Transfer, Paypal, Cheque). If we disagree with your evaluation, we make you an offer we consider the best. If you accept the new offer, we make the payment. If an agreement cannot be reached, we return you your product free of charge.

Our deals are transparent, and customers can instantly see how much they are going to be paid. Unlike other companies, SellTechs provides shipping labels. The customers are thus guaranteed that they will get their money for their used Macs, iPhones, iPads, game consoles, and other products.

So you just open the page, choose the product you want to sell, discuss the deal with your spouse, girlfriend or kids and select with the sureness of correct decision. If you make a wrong choice, we are here to turn it into right!