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Need help finding your model?


Need help finding your model?

  1. Go to Settings > General > About. To the right of Model, you'll see the part number. To see the model number, tap the part number.
  2. On an iPod Touch 5 or earlier, find the model number on the back of the iPod.
Model # Model
A2178 Apple Watch SE
A1574 Apple Watch Series 7
A1509, A1421 Apple Watch Series 6
A1509, A1421 Apple Watch Series 5
A1509, A1421 Apple Watch Series 4
A1509, A1421 Apple Watch Series 3
A1509, A1421 Apple Watch Series 2
A1509, A1421 Apple Watch Series 1
A1367 Apple Watch 1st Gen

Your Trusted Resource for iPod Touch Repair

No matter which iPod Touch model you have, issues like a cracked screen or dead battery can prevent you from listening to music, navigating apps, and using email. If the need arises, Tech Renu can help make your iPod function like new again in no time.

iPod Battery Replacement

Your iPod battery is designed to last hours in-between charges, but a battery that won't hold a charge can put a significant damper on your productivity. Here are five indications that you may need an iPod battery replacement:

  1. Your iPod battery generates heat while you're recharging it.
  2. Your iPod is performing unusually slow.
  3. You receive an error message such as "Your iPod battery may need to be serviced."
  4. The battery has started to drain faster than usual.
  5. Your iPod unexpectedly shuts down frequently.

If you're dealing with even one of these issues, it may be time to consider an iPod battery replacement.

iPod Home Button Repair

The ease of communicating and navigating with the touch of a button can be a challenge when your home button isn't working properly. However, it's not uncommon for buttons to develop issues after frequent use. If your home button becomes stuck, consider getting your iPod home button repaired.

iPod Touch Screen Repair

When you take your iPod with you everywhere you go, there's always a chance of dropping it on the ground at some point. Not only is a cracked screen unsightly to look at, there may be other implications to worry about. Before you decide to hold off on scheduling iPod screen repair, consider the following risks:

  •   Further Damage to the iPod
    The screen protects the inner components of the iPod from outside elements that could cause damage. Moisture could also seep through the cracks and affect the inner elements, too.
  •   Touch Screen Malfunction
    The touch screen capacity of your iPod will most likely be the first thing to be influenced if the screen becomes cracked. Your iPod may respond to your finger gestures much slower or even stop responding completely.
  •   Eye Strain
    The high-definition properties of an iPod can be compromised whenever the screen breaks. Looking at the screen and viewing content may become more difficult, which could result in unnecessary eye strain. Bottom line, a cracked screen can make using your iPod an unpleasant task.

Get your iPod repaired today
We've fixed over 5,000 iPods in the last 12-months.

Whether you're dealing with water damage, a faulty battery, or another problem, Tech Renu can help. We specialised in performing comprehensive iPod repairs, so the moment you encounter a problem, bring your iPod in – no appointment necessary. Walk-ins are always welcome, or you can use our convenient mail-in service. Stop into our London store today to speak with a technician about your iPod Repair.

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