The best way to sell your iPhone

Do you want to sell your old iPhone to earn some money and/or reduce pollution caused by electrical and electronic waste? Don't know how to sell your iPhone? You've come to the right place - we've got all the tips and tricks you need!

Where to sell your iPhone?

The first question is "where can I sell my iPhone?". Whether broken or in good condition, We'll buy any iPhone hiding in your drawers, whatever their condition! Millions of smartphones are tossed into drawers and forgotten, while we can reuse and refurbish them. Selling them to Sell Techs is therefore not only good for your bank balance, but also the planet!

Why is selling on Sell Techs a good idea?

  • Because it's fast: you can estimate the price of your iPhone in less than a minute
  • Because we'll take back your iPhone at the best price
  • Because you’ll limit travel when you sell your iPhone
  • Because you'll get paid directly to your bank account
  • Because you'll make some money
  • Because you'll be helping the planet by reducing electronic waste

How to sell your iPhone on Sell Techs

  1. Open up our smartphone buyback tool and input your Apple model and storage information, which you can find in your device's Settings and About Phone section. 
  2. Identify whether your iPhone is currently locked by a specific carrier (ie EE, Vodafone, O2...etc) or if it's an unlocked iPhone.
  3. Verify the physical conditions of the phone's screen, sides and back. Our tool will guide you to select the most accurate descriptions of the condition of your phone.
  4. Finally, verify if the iPhone and all its features are functioning properly.
  5. Submit your iPhone information and we will instantly generate the best offer among our competitor. From here, you can either accept or decline your offer.

If you decide to accept our offer, then you have three choices (note - you must be at least 18 years old in order to sell you device through our BuyBack program):

  1. Post Office drop-off: Package your device and take it to the Post Office using an emailed QR code.
  2. Royal Mail home collection: We’ll email you a link to book a free Royal Mail collection.
  3. Self Post - You can send us your item however you want.

You'll need to find suitable packaging on your own and protect your iPhone really well so it's not damaged during transit.

As soon as we receive your iPhone, We'll inspect your smartphone and validate its condition. If the product is not compliant, then we'll make you a new offer. On the other hand, if its passes it condition, you'll be paid the same day. (Cool!)

So, when will you start clearing out your drawers?